Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar NDS Roms Download, this game is one of a series of Harvest moon games. for gamers must have been familiar with this one-game series. Well now I want to share the game played on the PC emulator for this screenshot game Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar. Best games from nds that can be played in computer by using emulator. This one different with Harvest Moon Back to Nature edition, for which one gameplay more do you like, it's all up to you cause for me they all amazing games.

Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar NDS Roms Download

Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar PC Games Free

Developer : Marvelous Interactive
Publisher : Marvelous Interactive
Released : December 18, 2008
Modes : Single Player
Ratings : A (All Ages)-Japan 
Platforms  : Nintendo DS
Genre : Simulation

Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar NDS Roms Gameplay
Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar Gameplay

The most different from this edition is bazaar festival, The bazaar occurring once a week on saturday.If there is an event ( festival, etc. ) Saturday, It would be encouraged sunday.If any event on sunday also ( it occurs in autumn years you 1 ), there will be no bazaar sunday.You can buy goods and goods sell upon full price ( not as store raul ).

See Harvest Moon Bazaar Festival Gameplay

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Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar Tips How To Get Married :

To marry you must do a follows:
  • receive feathers blue of stuart and ethel, after you out second year and you have at least one candidate couple to orange heart level.
  • After you upgrade it bazaar you should buy a double bed to 10000g you can only proposing couples the future has the red heart.
  • You should have seen all four events heart to marry several candidates you should befriend villagers certain.
Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar

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Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar (US) NDS Roms Download


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